CCARHT is a virtual and real time research network based in Cambridge UK which is exploring the sources, routes, and dynamics of trafficking, and enabling focussed quality research around a range of policy, societal and international dynamics which underlay human trafficking issues. For regular updates follow us on twitter @ccarht and our FB page Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking. To get in contact with us drop us an email on contact@ccarht.org or for research updates on research@ccarht.org. We are pleased to recieve research updates, enquiries on research collaboration, media enquiries, symposia details, and updates on best practice being exercised in the global fight against human trafficking.


We are open to academic organisations, policy think tanks, government institutes, legal practitioners and research based NGOs to join our network which is designed to inform, research and challenge contemporary thinking around human trafficking and develop strategically robust and resilient responses to this global challenge to individual liberty, community respect and human dignity.  Let us know what you are doing in your organisation to enhance the capacity to build resistance and to foster change. update@ccarht.org


Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford

Development Director




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